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6. best dining experience in the world

Lonely Planet publishes travel descriptions from and around all parts of the world. In a new release, “Ultimate Eatlist”, they have focused on food and pointed out the 500 best dining experiences in the world. Here, smørrebrød is on a distinguished 6th place ranging better than delicacies like pizza from Naples.

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“Rød grød med fløde”

The special porridge with cream is a Danish delicacy made from the summer’s ripe berries. It is almost impossible to pronounce its Danish name “rød grød med fløde”, but when they have had a taste at Schønneamnn, they do not care how it is pronounced as long as they get a second serving.

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Norwegian magazine dn.no fond Schønnemann

“A celebration of the classical smørrebrød”, the magazine wrote and awarded us six stars out of six for our menu.

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Favorites at Schønnemann

At Schønnemann we have many regulars who each have their own connection to the classic lunch restaurant. Some of our regulars have got a piece of smørrebrød named after them, precisely because they have been able to tweak their favorite piece, so it suited their taste.

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The one who claims that the appetite comes when eating, has not experienced the size of the appetite that comes with hunger.

Ludvig Schmidseder