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31. januar 2019

Here is a description of how we use cookies that are required by the EU. We primarily do not store any personal information about you through our use of cookies.


Explanation of cookies
A cookie is only a small text file. It does not contain any personal information. The information stored by cookies is anonymous. Cookies cannot contain viruses or other types of malicious programs, they contain only text and can therefore only be used thereafter.

For example, a cookie is used for: whether you are logged in and how the website is used. If you want a better idea of what cookies are, we suggest you visit the website www.minecookies.org .

Why do we use cookies? 
Every time your computer accesses the website, it is registered via cookies. The cookie tells us if you’ve been on the site before and helps keep your current visit right.

Among other things, it will examine how long you are on the website, which pages you read, whether you have been on the site before, and which browser you use etc.

This information is used for analysis and statistics of the website – but all information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you.

How long are cookies stored? 
Cookies may vary in service life. They can be set to a time interval – for example, 12 or 24 months or also removed when you close the browser window. You can set how long cookies should remain.

For each time you visit the website, cookies are refreshed, so it is for example 12 months after you last visited the website.

How do I disable or delete cookies? 
If you do not want to use cookies, you can change the settings in your browser so cookies are not used.

For help with and disable cookies, please click here.

Google Analytics
We also use cookies for Google Analytics and for anonymous statistics on the website.

Google Analytics uses two different cookies:

One is a permanent cookie that is used for and show whether the computer has been on the website before, where it comes from and which search engine you may need. have found the page on.

These permanent cookies are on your computer until they expire or until you delete them.