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The four steps leading down to Schønnemann lead into a world of traditions and great hostmanship. Here, you will find an authentic atmosphere with memories of a better, bygone world. We are a lunch restaurant and one of the oldest existing dining places in Copenhagen, where herring, beer and snaps have been served since 1877.

In the old days, the farmers from the surrounding suburbs came to town to sell their goods. When finished, they left their horses on the square in front of the restaurant and visited Schønnemann to get some freshly-brewed beer, some snaps and a little something to eat. Today, the clientele is different, but everything else is as it has always been. A mixed crowd of young and old, ladies and gentlemen, business people and hedonists are meeting expectantly for a lovely lunch. The atmosphere is informal, and people raise their glasses frequently around the tables, where the specialties of Schønnemann are served in high pace.

Today, the menu is brimming with classic Danish smørrebrød, warm dishes and exciting specialties – all made with the best ingredients and of course always freshly-made. Our food and the wonderful atmosphere have placed us among the best lunch restaurants in the country, and we are constantly developing new dishes so that the seeds of tomorrow’s classics are laid.

Back in 1877, the current restaurant Schønnemann was located at Hauser Plads nr. 11 and was named Café Hauser Plads. The guesthouse was run by Maria Henriksen, who later married and got the name Frederiksen. In 1901, the restaurant was moved to no. 16, where it is today and it was run by the same family for 3 generations. Johanne and his son Peter Frederiksen took over the restaurant after Maria. After Peter’s death in 1911, Johanne and her daughter Erna drove the place. Erna married Peter Schønnemann after World War I, and the place got its current name: Schønnemann. Erna and Peter ran the restaurant until 1963, after which it had changing owners.

In 2007, Søren and John Puggard took over the place and transformed the historic and traditional lunch restaurant into a true darling for reviewwers. The old virtues of Schønnemann was updated  and it has since been in a class of its own when it comes to smørrebrød in Copenhagen.

Today, Schønnemann is owned and operated by the experienced restaurant couple Juliette and Thomas Gaarn Rasmussen. With few adjustments and a constant desire to preserve history, tradition and quality, they ensure that Schønnemann’s guests are always in safe hands from the moment they enter the restaurant.

If you can teach your children to prepare and appreciate good food, you have given them a gift.

Veronica Grandi