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The four small steps that lead down to restaurant Schønnemann are probably modest in distance, but they take you back to a bygone era, where warm hosts and quality food made from scratch still apply. Here it is all about enjoying the smørrebrød of the highest quality and well-served beer, in the same way it has been done for almost 150 years.

At restaurant Schønnemann we welcome all kinds of guests. Here, young, middle-aged, elderly, gentlemen, ladies, business people, students and tourists gather. In short, epicures and gourmets of all kinds gather here. The atmosphere is informal, and glasses are raised frequently, while the hosts serve one classic Danish specialty after another for our expectant guests.

The menu consists of classic Danish smørrebrød, warm dishes and exciting specialties – all made from the best ingredients and – of course – always freshly made. Here you will find all the classics such as Schønnemann’s old-fashioned matured herring, breaded fillets of plaice, smoked eel with freshly-made scrambled eggs, tenderloin steaks with soft onions and beef tatar with a touch of lovage. We are constantly developing new pieces of smørrebrødand other interesting additions keeping classic smørrebrødrelevant in the future too. At Schønnemann it is all about taste and coziness, but that does not mean that we turn our backs on other virtues. For example, we prioritize sustainability very high, and we always choose organic products, where it caters to both the environment and taste. We also meet new trends, but always with our feet planted solidly in our long history. For example, our vegetarian dishes are a further development of grandmother’s old vegetable recipes. As in all other cases, our starting point is great taste.

We feel very proud that we have many frequent guests who each have a special connection to the old, classic restaurant. Some have special traditions at Schønnemann, others are just recurring, and then there are those who have got a piece of smørrebrødnamed after them. On rare occasions, it happens that special preferences convince the kitchen. For example, when Rene Redzepi from restaurant Noma wanted his halibut served with hot creamed cucumber, when the gastronomy editor Ole Troelsø asked to have his tatar of beef seared briefly, or when Jørgen Leth, a famous Danish film maker and writer, with his beloved voice urged us to keep the pickled heering on the menu. Who can resist that voice, so today Jørgen and all our guests can enjoy Jørgen’s pickled herring.

We currently serve more than 140 specially selected Danish, Norwegian and Swedish snaps and aquavits. These are served either at room temperate or slightly chilled in the sizes “embarrassing” (small), “reasonable” (medium) and “sensible” (large). The latter is still up to the edge of the glass… and then a little more.

Cheers and welcome!


We are proud of all the kind words written about our food, service and general atmosphere, and we are grateful for them all – whether they come from our guests or professional reviewers.

Like visiting one’s sweet grandmother, who has been given good help in the kitchen so she had time to spend with us!!!


One of the best dining experience, ever… and it is a French guy, fond of fine cuisine who writes this! 🙂 All the very best and keep the bar simply high as you do.


We brought some French customers to Schoenemanns. They were amazed by the place, the food, the service and the atmosphere. For sure a place to come back to. Both for business and with friends. They said ” THIS is Denmark ” – and smiled. Top top top.


Great food, fantastic waiters and great experience. It’s not cheap but worth all the money!


Great food and staff who really know how to care for their guests in the best possible way. Thanks


Delicious homemade smørrebrød, lovely beer and excellent service – so it doesn’t get any better ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.


The best experience ever.


Copenhagen’s absolute best smørrebrød.


The most delicious smørrebrød, lovely waiters, cozy surroundings and a huge selection of snaps! Luv it.


Amazing – nothing less – it tasted and looked and was presented in every way knowledgeable. Well-guided we threw ourselves into the selection of snaps, and everything was sinfully wonderful. Schønnemann adds meaning to smørrebrød, and the service deserves wonderful words. It is a good and cozy eatery.

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Those who drink wine fall with their face first, while those who drink beer fall on their backs. Of wine you become heavy in the head, beer makes you light.