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“Rød grød med fløde”

18. december 2018

The special porridge with cream is a Danish delicacy made from the summer’s ripe berries. It is almost impossible to pronounce its Danish name “rød grød med fløde”, but when they have had a taste at Schønneamnn, they do not care how it is pronounced as long as they get a second serving.

Made from sun-ripe berries, poured with ice-cold cream and sprinkled with almond splinters – exactly as our mother made it. And to emphasize the classic Danish dish, we serve the “rød grød” in beautiful, deep plates from Royal Copenhagen.

It is a dish that means a lot to many Danes, and it always puts you in a summer mood. We suggest drinking a Schumacher cherry brandy to enhance the summer feeling. The intense, sweet fruit, the almond flavor and persistent wine bite match the dessert eminently.

Come by for a lunch and finish the meal with one of the truly Danish classics. Bon appetite!