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Favorites at Schønnemann

13. december 2018

At Schønnemann we have many regulars who each have their own connection to the classic lunch restaurant. Some of our regulars have got a piece of smørrebrød named after them, precisely because they have been able to tweak their favorite piece, so it suited their taste.

Ole Troelsø, the well-known gastronomy editor, wanted his tatar to touch the pan ever so shortly for a quick sear and a new delicacy was invented.

John and Søren Puggaard who are former owners of Restaurant Schønnemann added their own favorites on the menu. “Søren’s Speciel” which is roasted smoked eel glazed with Wibroe Imperial Stout with scrambled eggs and chives. John’s tatar where the American term “surf’n’turf” comes into its own as a classic Danish tatar served with smoked salmon, Danish caviar, egg yolk and lime.
Renes Redzepi, Restaurant Noma, interpreted Schønnemann’s summer salad and it became “Rene’s Favorite” with smoked halibut, hot cucumber and cream, radishes and chives.

Erwin Lauterbach, Restaurant Lumskebugten, who has always been able to emphasize the vegetables’ taste invented a dish of freshly baked potato with shrimps and a pea mayonnaise.

Poul Eriksen, Restaurant Esplanaden 48, got buttered French bread under an poached eggs topped with a herring salad – and then it became Poul’s herring salad.

Jørgen Leth, whose voice we all love so much, has struggled to keep the pickled herring on the menu. He won and Jørgen’s Pickled Herring has now become many of our guests’ favorite choice.

Our latest addition is invented by Lisbeth and Bo Jacobsen from Restaurationen in Møntergade. Here, there are lots of flavors – onions and allspice, pickled herring with celeriac and sour and contrasting lovage.

Come by Schønnemann at Hauser Plads, and we will find your favorite piece of smørrebrød – of course accompanied by a lovely snaps. Bon appetite!