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lunch is served 11:30-14:00 or 14:14-17:00
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The best smørrebrøds restaurant in Denmark. Ole Troelsøe/Børsen
Lunch is served: MONDAY - SATURDAY 11:30 - 17:00
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Success has many fathers: smørrebrød, smorrebrod and open faced sandwiches in Copenhagen


Welcome to Restaurant SCHØNNEMANN. A consum-mate . ‘Lunch Restaurant’ so beloved in this part of the World, and one of the oldest such establishments in Copenhagen. where, since 1877, pickled herring, beer and schnapps have been served in an atmosphere of nostalgia and authenticity. 

In days past the farmers from Amager, Brønshøj, and Husum, along with the charcoal burners from Gribskov came here. After the market they would stable their horses in the square and descend into the cellar at SCHØNNEMANN’s to enjoy some well brewed beer, schnapps and something good to eat.

Today we don’t see quite so many charcoal burners amongst our clientele, but otherwise very little has changed. Young and old, ladies and gentlemen, businessmen, and pleasure seekers alike all gather in anticipation at lunch time. The atmosphere is informal and there is the sound of ‘skål’ as diners greet each other with a clink of their glasses whilst the restaurant’s specialties are served.

Back in 1877 the current Restaurant SCHØNNEMANN was situated at number 11 Hauser Plads and carried the name ‘Café Hauser Plads’. The innkeeping was driven by Maria Henriksen, later taking the married name Frederikssen. In 1901 the Café was moved to number 16 Hauser Plads, where it stands to this day, and continued through three generations of the same family. Maria’s son Peter Frederiksssen and his wife Johanne took over as hosts from Maria. Following Peter’s death in 1911, Johanne and her daughter Erna continued the business. At the conclusion of the first World War Erna married Peter Schønnemann and changed the restaurant’s name to SCHØNNEMANN. Erna and Peter continued to run the restaurant until 1963, after which followed a number of owners.
The previous owners, Søren and John Puggaard, took over the restaurant in 2007,  and since SCHØNNEMANN has become a darling of the restaurant critics. In that period the restaurant updated its fine traditional values so that the historic and tradition rich lunch-restaurant is today in a class of its own in the Copenhagen dining scene.
The current owners, the experienced and successful partnership of Juliette Noyons and Thomas Gaarn Rasmussen fully intend to defend the restaurant’s outstanding reputation with only considerate and well considered changes. With an enduring desire to maintain tradition and quality, Juliette and Thomas aim to see that SCHØNNEMANN’s guests are in safe hands from the moment that they descend the famous four steps



To secure your table reservation we recommended,
that you make your booking as early as possible


Monday - Saturday 11:30 - 17:00

Our kitchen is open until 16:00

11:30/12:00-14:00 or 14:14-17:00

We have two sittings at lunchtime and the door is therfor shut at the end of the first sitting until 14:14 

Sundays and Public Holidays
Summer Holiday;
Juli 14 - August 5
Christmas Holidays;
December 22 - January 2 



The menu tempts one with classic ‘Smørrebrød’ (Danish open sandwiches), warm dishes and tempting specialties – all of which are made with the finest ingredients, and of course, all are freshly prepared. SCHØNNEMANN’s mature sild - the Danish specialty of pickled herring – pan fried plaice, smoked eel with freshly scrambled eggs, fillet of porc with soft fried onions, and tartar with a pinch of lovage are all merely a hint of what the kitchen is capable of.

SCHØNNEMANN has many regulars and each has their own connection to this classic ‘Lunch Restaurant’. Some have even had dishes named after them, putting a name to dishes prepared to suit their own taste. Ole Troelsø, the famous Danish food critic and editor liked his tartar grilled, and so a new dish was created. Jørgen Leth, the Danish Film Director, Poet, and broadcaster fought to keep ‘the glaziers herring’ on the menu. He won, and ‘Jørgens Syltede Sild’ has become one of our most popular dishes.
There are currently over 140 selected Danish and Imported schnapps, aquavit and bitters. These wonderful spirits are served at room temperature or lightly chilled.

We daily present more than 110 homemade and freshly prepared Danish Open Face Sandwich, hot dishes, "the small LUNCH"  and the classical SCHØNNEMANN LUNCH PLATE.





  • Second time there (first time 5 years ago). As always a historical magical place with impeccable service, warm and friendly waiters, and excellent traditional Danish open faced sandwiches. A mandatory stop for any visitor to Copenhagen
    Gregg Levethan on April 6, 2018
  • We brought some french customers to Schoenemanns. They were amazed by the place, the food, the service and the athomosphere. For sure a place to come back to. Both for business and with friends. They said " THIS is Denmark " - and smiled. Top top top !
    Jesper on Janaury 26, 2018
  • A wonderful dining experience. You can feel the history and tradition as soon as you walk in the door. A buzzing atmosphere, and a restaurant comfortable with itself. Food is extremely good, would recommend the herring dishes and the almond cake dessert. Fantastic service: friendly, attentive, helpful and not overbearing. All together, very classy.
    Michael on November 1, 2017
  • This was the most enjoyable couple of hours I spent in Copenhagen. Your restaurant is at the top of its game -- and that's amazing considering you've been at it for over a hundred years. My wife and I had a magnificent meal. At the end, I asked if I could come back for dinner. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible. If I ever come back to Copenhagen again, I'll have lunch there every single day I'm in the city. The two persons who waited on me also were outstanding. They were friendly, helpful, and professional. I will dream about your restaurant for years to come -- and especially about the herring and the aquavit., of which I had several rounds during the one lunch when I was there (and I mean both the herring and the aquavit). You are one of the gems of the world. I eat in the finest places all over the world, and never have I enjoyed myself more than at Schonnemann!
    Mustafa on September 7, 2017
  • One of the best dining experience, ever... and it is a French guy, fond of fine cuisine who writes this! :) All the very best and keep the bar simply high as you do.
    Aurelien on October 3, 2016