Sydsvenskan 2010

Restaurant Schonnemann

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Sydsvanska. Thursday, 1. July 2010

Quality-marked on the plate Schønnemans combines Danish smörrebrödstradition with fresh, organic ingredients.


While Swedes desperately continues the search for our national dish, hardanskarna already found her: smörrebrödet.Så simple and so smart at the same time, a great lunch on a disc bröd.När we persistently spreads margarine and läggerhushållsost our syrup loaf to frukostdag in and day out, Danes have long since taken the whole concept, refined detoch now serves sandwiches in the middle of the day, even if they continue to kalladet for frukost.Det are lots of smörrebrödskrogari Copenhagen, someone is trying to develop both design and toppings genomatt para sandwiches to sushi, others are strictly in the classical smakernaoch forms. Some serve routinely dull bread with flimsy toppings for tourists who do not know better, some armies to care about their smörrebrödsheder guessed attract Japanese and amerikanermed many dollars in reskassan.Ett place that combines traditionellasmörrebröd of good quality with largeanoxic lovely, organic and fresh råvarorär restaurant Schönnemann on Kultorvet, a quiet and pleasant little torgmed colorful people and small personal shops along the streets.

Rooting for the waiters

Inside of the absolutamajoriteten Schönnemann consists of suit-clad men, atleast possible ages between authorities ochpensionär, on lunch break from his suit demanding job. Most will ipar and discuss various things in the Danish, this is one place to the next. Several rooting for the waiters in a way that sage wheel they are here often, some have probably ettstambord.Vi uncertain of whether kaptensmössansom is neatly together with ETTP white gloves next to a plommonstoppå parcel shelf is one of the guests or serve as prydnad.Förmodligen matter since the entire interior is reminiscent a båthyttmodell larger, with wood paneling on dennedre parts of the walls, crowded and compact furnished and copper boilers ochordspråk on the upper wall halves. Dehandlar of snaps, food and mänskligadygder.Bakom disk is an opening where defärdiga sandwiches hivas straight from the kitchen to the waiting waiters, who has been appointed Byens best accordance year framed diploma. We do not have much attinvända.De consists of a trio uppmärksammaoch effective men wearing white förklädensvassar around the tables Ochten orders, smiling and berömmergästerna for their smörgåsval. The parts utfulla plates, hoping sincerely that matenska taste really good and when a table becomes available they're serving and put on ettnytt blank sheet of paper to protect the tablecloth from spills. Nobody raises an eyebrow you can not manage to eat.


For it is not easy to know, if you intehar been here before, that each portion is gigantisk.Det is basically impossible to följaden intended chronological order and eat first ettsmörrebröd with fish toppings, then ettmed meat and so close with a ostvariant.Man will be measured halvvägs.Alla markups are very traditional, some'll probably find the same as when the restaurant opened for over 130 years ago, especially the many sillexemplaren.Det is why there is sand on trägolvetän today, to highlight the restaurant's long history and happy to travel from simple herring and nubbehak to avanceradsmörrebrödskrog.Det butter toasted white bread with fried plaice for 148 dkr belonging to the classics from the sea and is great as such. Tvåfriterade flatfish fillets and cooked below neatly lined up, handskaladexl-shrimp from Greenland, two kinds of mayonnaise? one regular and one that has become red tomato? three grilled green asparagus ice and one-click black, Danish caviar.Allt is overwhelming, in various ways. Delsför that there is so much of everything, of fish, of räkoroch of mayonnaise and partly to avai so good and so good. The fish is crispy utanatt be dry and gently simmered ivitvin, prawns are perfect and stiff mayonnaise and cooked on site. It is relaxed both become gorged and to enjoy in the meantime.

Self build sandwiches

Herring are available as everything from pickled ochstekt to smoked and as a salad and tartar.Därtill are eel, salmon, crab, sardines ochlite to. A platter filled with slices of smoked salmon gravadoch in equal parts with horseradish cream costs 148 dkr and has brödetpå a smaller plate next. It is surdegsbrödoch French bread, which is self build of sandwiches. The pickled salmon is not as salty as we know it, which suits it much better. In this way it tastes more fisk.Sedan meat. It is very heavy in various dishes, lamb, beef brisket, veal liver, chicken, ham, ribs and rillette.Fläskstek served in thick slices with the rind left, along with red cabbage ochportvinssviskon. So the Danish ärklyschigt. Roast boards are loving panties and spreads magnificently out over the bread so that they almost cover plate Enoch steak tartare are available in several odd mixtures. For example, with salmon, kaviaroch egg yolk or cooked ham and lök.Leverpastejen can get anti-o one warm in a small Kokott with fried bacon fungi, or Hans Christian Andersen smörrebrödetför 98 dkr. There are pie thick cut on the disc self-baked bread with tomato wedges, pepparrotslockaroch heavy sky in a gel form. There are currently not much in inälvsväg who beats her husband of Danish liver pate, it is oily, creamy and has a mild taste of liver.

Sixty shots

Among the cheeses we find? or it is early nests that find us? a smelly Cheese appetizer 79 dkr. It is located in a fuzzy högovanpå rye bread and be splashed medrom before eating. Perhaps in order to neutralize her husband, the smell is hard to undkomma.Den as able and willing to eat dessert kanvälja from including the classic crane cake and a few kinds bärkakor.Vi do not mer.Tillhör to those who come here a bit later in the afternoon, or who have ettjobb does not involve driving or precision, it is fun to try one of the debtors sixty schnaps. Otherwise, there are over twenty beers and a few right överflödigaviner, to sandwiches drink öl.Vi like change, in the right sammanhang.Detta is wrong context. Schönnemannbör always stick to the traditions, k-label their dishes and fortsättaatt be one of Copenhagen's bästasmörrebrödskrogar. It takes a long time innanman have eaten their way through their meny.bong @

Bong is Sydsvenskans anonymous food critic