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Restaurant Schonnemann


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Experimenting with tradition

On Schønnemann have the courage to experiment - and the result is good, so is control.



It makes the place a lunch restaurant in the elite

Schønnemann have I seen such well-known as long as I have lived in Copenhagen, and therefore I can also write a paper saying it is a restaurant that has lived a somewhat stormy life. I remember it from when I hung out in Fredes renowned image bookstore / speakeasy (the one with the posters of the week fototophits: "Tarzan, Hitler, Jesus," they stood in large wooden frames on the street just outside the shop and the oblique angle facing Schønnemann. Then it was a lunch restaurant in line with Husmann, stable and traditional. Later it was taken over by some krejlere, as such terms merely took advantage of the place of good reputation, which they presumed would get people to come, although the quality was lowered dramatically. They walked quickly down, and then there came an Austrian who drove it up again with very high quality and a high degree of innovation in historical rooms.
Lunch industry is tough, so this excellent man had to unfortunately give up, and after a short and unfortunate interlude with the people from St.. Gertrude's Monastery ended the historic premises at the hands of Soren & co. Where they have been since 2007. With extreme luck, I luckily found. In the spring I made a pretest with a stalwart artist, known for its good appetite. He was very fond of the historic basement with sand floor and a lunch that consisted of a well proportioned portion sildetatar, curried herring, plenty of perfect corned duck breast with horseradish salad and lingonberries watercress, and a game of roast pork with crispy sword and classic accessories. However, as we were en route to a reception at a nearby publishing houses, we were not really the time to evaluate properly. When I look at the documents of that time, I note that, for coffee with some excellent petit fours, a couple of beers and two brandies line total was 760 million


Critical participation

So to do things correctly, I invited recently a female writer colleague there to verify the positive judgments from the time in spring 2010.
Besides having written a compelling debut, she is a very large mado and possesses a rather large critical sense, so she was a perfect choice for correcting me in the perceptions that might be too positive. Not that I figured that this would be the case, but for safety's sake, as they say.
She was amused by the traditional sand floor, and also she thought that was an excellent service. This is also true. On the floor there are three man rule. And despite that the place was packed this Friday afternoon, there was no question of waiting, beer and water came to me two minutes after I had sat down to wait ... for her. She had certainly heard of classics such as Madame Schønnemann: toasted rye bread with Dijon mustard, cooked corned beef tongue and chicken salad and the corresponding Mr Schønnemann: corned duck breast with horseradish, apple beetroot salad and chives, but when she was in a fish -mood, she chose something that can not really see that often anymore, namely halibut. Although I chose a so-called snapsemad to get an apology, you know. Greenland halibut were of top quality, fresh and with a moderate smoke, perfect texture. It came on a piece of excellent white bread, which we later learned came from the nearby bakery quality Lagkagehuset. There was the little extra bonus that the halibut was served with a little well-cooked scrambled eggs with truffles. Very small slices of black truffle and not just the truffle oil, and enough to give a distinctive flavor that worked well with the fish.



Snaps Policy

My sildemad were on site excellent, homemade bread, which has a good rugsmag and an adequate supply of grains. Serve consisted of a sort very tasty bite fork-herring, I think I would call it, potatoes, red onion cream and capers. A perfect serving for the house beer, a somewhat brown ale with some gravity, and a Schønnemannsnaps. Schnapps served in two, four and six centilitre goals, respectively a 'small', a 'regular' and a 'sensible'. We kept ourselves to the 'ordinary', in what is after all not be exaggerated and, moreover, can always order more. Mine was a clear and strong little thing with a touch of anise, pernod nearly notes. Very good match, and indeed one of many possible, to the Committee on booze card consists of 25 Danish, German and Belgian beers and 62 different kinds of aquavit.

Then we went to, respectively, once eels and anything tartare. However, with the twist, rather than practicing, as it sometimes experimenting with the otherwise so rule-bound, traditional Danish lunch dishes. Thus, Tatars ('Johns tartare' - with meat from the organic butcher Jens-up on Kultorvet) although served with the obligatory egg yolk, but also with the Danish 'caviar' and salmon strips. Thus came the smoked and salted to complement the flavor, as we usually do it with pickles, horseradish and capers. It went well, with the other snaps of the house, I tried a very yellow saffron schnapps. My guest was also very pleased with the roasted smoked eel, as quite classic came with scrambled eggs and chives on the excellent homemade bread.



Satisfied guests

The portions are very generous, but anyway we ended with coffee and petit fours: for her a warm almond cake with chocolate bottom, for my one little kokosmakron and a chocolate / almond / rosintingest. For the excellent coffee, she got a ROM, which excited her a little in the sweet end, Barbados or Matinique perhaps? Although I got a fine Armagnac and the bill ended up at just under DKK 1,200 inlkusive two large and two small of house beers, four snaps, two water and two glasses of alcohol above the hole in the stomach.

There was great satisfaction both times I brought medspisere down to the basement of Hauser Plads and I am even of the opinion that we certainly have here a lunch place in the elite. In relation to the quality here is not expensive and the service is not a finger to put on. Since also made some experiments with the otherwise very traditional Danish lunch kitchen, and even when the experiments succeed, then there is no choice but to turn thumbs up and recommend the basement restaurant of the strange, small place in central Copenhagen.

Restaurant Schønnemann
Hauser Plads 16, Copenhagen K.

By: Jan Sonnergaard
1. October 2010