Berlingske gournetguide 2011

Restaurant Schonnemann

gourmet guide 2011

Copenhagen's best restaurants

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BERLINGSKE gourmet guide 2011


June 2011

Schønnemann is in a class by itself at the Copenhagen sandwich scene. From the classic kælderindretninbg with brown wooden beams in the ceiling, stained glass and sand on the floor, which probably has not changed much since its inception in 1877. Over the bulging list of sandwiches, which counts both everything a traditionalist can dream of jklssiske pieces to more innovative cases. And to drink card, which contains a superfluous horns of 77 bottles of brandy and a nice selection of beers.

Greatness Time started four years ago when Soren and John Puggaard bought the old lunch basement. The only negative that cer to say about it is that it is too difficult to choose between the many pieces. Alone Tatars have their own cards with servings, such as. Michel Roux (Gavroche in London) with cognac touched meat garnished with poached egg, mustard, mayonnaise, horseradish and fried bread.
One notes that several of the pieces, as before seen on another of the city's classic sandwich restaurants, is named after famous people, the difference is simply that celebrity pieces at Schønnemann makes sense, they are real and tasty named after the food critics, who supplied inspiration. Besides Roux, René Redzepi (Noma) was named a dekonstrureret summer salad, which get the flavor comes from ENB slice of sourdough bread and røægen from halibut, which is coated with radishes and cucumber cream.

Other fine signature servings should include the "King's Garden", a potato with smoked mayonnaise and fried onions. The operation is, like everything else at the address, perfect and enthusiastic.